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Carrot Cure for Warts

Category: Natural CuresFrom Bottom Line newsletter this morning:

“Warts are caused by one of the many versions of the Human papillomavirus (HPV), which infects through broken skin or the mouth (like when you bite the nails). No one knows why some people are more warty than others, since the virus is ubiquitous and comes in contact pretty much with everyone. That HPV just loves some people more than others! We don’t know anyone who loves having warts, and some medical cures are harsh and ineffective. So here is one of our many home remedies to make them disappear: Finely grate a small, peeled carrot (use the small holes on your grater), and combine with one teaspoon of olive oil. Put the mixture on the wart(s) for a half-hour once a day. Your wart should be gone within a week. Carrots are packed with vitamin A and vitamin C, which fight viruses and help heal skin.”

Kim Welborn: I would make it fresh. The vitamin C will degrade quickly once the cell walls of the carrot are broken.
Garlic works, too, but will irritate the skin so should also be diluted. Taking it internally will also help. When Micah was about four he had a wart on the palm of his hand that I had been ignoring it since it didn’t seem to be bothering him. He stayed with my mom for a couple of days and started picking at it. When I went to pick him up he had a wide red streak running from the wart up toward his wrist.  It was on a Sunday night, so I just started giving him capsules I made from her powdered kitchen garlic, probably two or three at a time. (Fresh would have been even better but you I had to work with what I had on hand!) By the time he woke up the next morning it was down to a pale pink shadow. I kept giving him the garlic for several days to be sure the infection did not recur, and noticed that the wart was turning black. After about four days the wart simply fell off, leaving a pink crater that healed completely in a few more days.
With chronic cases I have also known people to have had success using the VS-C herbal formula, both taken internally and used in the liquid form directly on the warts.

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