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Best Breakfast Ever Food Rules

Looking around for my third raw food for breakfast reminded me that I had never posted my basic food rules. (You can watch them in the introductory video www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQrSGl_aKc4  that I made for clients to watch in my office.) First is at least three raw foods at a meal. This morning I had a pumpkin seed Doctor Kracker with a slice of smoked gouda, sprouts, and honeycrisp apples. Delicious, but I added some slices of pear to round it out. Raw foods have enzymes that help you break down everything else you eat so you access more nutrients than you otherwise would. At least one of the foods should be a vegetable rather than just fruits. Think of fruits as vitamins and vegetables as minerals. We are generally more deficient in the latter!

Adding raw foods to breakfast is easy. If you normally eat eggs, toss in chopped veggies after they are cooked, which will warm but not kill them, or eat them with a side of fresh salsa. Instead of jelly on your (whole grain, I hope!) toast (Food For Life sprouted English muffins are the best!) smash fresh banana and strawberries on top of raw almond or cashew butter. Add raw nuts, apples, and raisins, or coconut, oranges, and bananas to your oatmeal. I eat my oatmeal “raw”, mixing quick oats, nuts and fruit with plain or vanilla yogurt or kefir. There is nothing that is a quicker, better breakfast than a smoothie, though you do need to pay attention to ingredients if you use protein powders. Most are very high in sugars, and isolated proteins can be very stressful to the digestive system. I like Tera’s Whey and Manitoba Harvest hemp protein, but even better are raw flax, hemp, or sesame seeds, or raw nut butters. You can throw anything into smoothies; I literally tossed a bowl of leftover dinner salad into the blender with frozen berries, yogurt, and juice on a morning that we were leaving town for a few days. Everyone loved the smoothie that morning, and the salad had included onions among the many other ingredients!


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