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Reading Your Body – For The RIGHT Reason

I just got a newsletter with the title “Why Doctors Are Learning to Read Palms”. The article mentioned that, like fingerprints and markings in the iris of the eye, each of us has distinct patterns in the palms of our hands. I was disappointed when I read that the ‘news’ is that the palm patterns are easier to scan than eyes, so are being used to identify patients in order to reduce the risk of record mix-ups and privacy concerns. Too bad that’s all, because the patterns in our bodies can reveal lots more if we know what to look for.

Iridology is the art/science of ‘reading’ the eyes, and is one of the first naturopathic evaluation tools I learned. My personal experience is that it is effective at showing constitutional patterns and tendencies, but I feel muscle-testing is more relevant to overall current conditions in the body, and allows you to test specific nutritional support rather than going back to “I think you have this condition or weakness so you need to take…”. The eyes will show a depletion of vitamin C by getting “bloodshot”, lymphatic congestion with a line of white dots around the outside of the iris, and nervous fatigue by stretching the iris horizontally. Circles under the eye can reveal poor digestion of proteins, splitting fingernails show deficiency in silica (remedied with horsetail or the HSN-W formula). The bottom line is to be less concerned with privacy of your personal information and more about what your body is telling you!


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