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    Natural medicine is a vast improvement over contemporary care, but natural health is even better. My intent is to provide the tools and information you need in order to duplicate my successful experiences, and to offer you the comfort and peace of mind that has been such a blessing and security to my family.
  • Whatever form of natural health supplement you choose, be sure to educate yourself on all aspects of your health care. Let your diet and your attitude be the foundation for a life of wellness, not disease. When you don’t feel well, look for the root causes rather than seeking to simply substitute an herb or remedy for your medication. If you are taking medication for a serious condition, consult with someone well trained in herbs and alternatives before making a substitution and stopping your prescription. Your body will need time to reestablish it’s awareness that it is required to function!

    The information on this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.
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FAQ: What are Homeopathic Remedies?

Homeopathic remedies are extremely dilute substances approved by the FDA as over-the-counter remedies. As such, they may legally contain claims to treat specific diseases, and must contain the standard OTC warnings, though traditional homeopathic protocol would not support limitations on use by pregnant women, for example. Homeopathic remedies are chemically inert, with the only “active ingredients” being lactose in homeopathic tablets or alcohol or glycerin in liquid preparations. They are based on the premise that “like cures like”, the source of recognition for the treatment of malaria with quinine and the original inspiration for the concept of immunization.


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  1. […] Essences are similar in preparation to homeopathic remedies, but are more subtle still, and have their principal impact on emotional issues.  The best known is Bach’s “Rescue Remedy”. which is a combination of essences used for shock or trauma. (It’s also sold as Five Flower Formula) We (I and two other children) used it when my 2 year old collided with a ceiling fan, ultimately needed 23 stitches. The trauma nurse commented that she’d “never seen such a calm bunch of bloody people”. Individual remedies address specific emotions.

  2. homepathic remedies are composed of so many organic and natural methods that is why i really like it.

    • It is important to understand that homeopathic remedies contain only the energetic imprint of the natural substance, so there is no need to panic when you see toxic substances or viruses, etc listed on the label. They are chemically completely inert!

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