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Q&A: Broken Bones

My mother broke her ankle three years ago and no surgery could of helped it heal. Can you help my mother?

I have had amazing results with the Bone/Skin Poultice formula, formerly called Bon-C. When any of my children broke a bone, the physicians were always astounded at how quickly they healed. My niece recently dislocated her elbow, which resulted as well in two fractures of the arm. She was told to expect a long recovery with extensive physical therapy. At her first follow-up visit only three weeks later, they removed the cast and did not need to replace it because so much healing had already taken place.


2 Responses

  1. Thank you, Kim. Where can I purchase this product Bon-C?

    • The product is now sold by Nature’s Sunshine Products under the name of “Bone/Skin Poultice”. You can order through my website or respond to this and I can get some to you. I would also make sure she has plenty of calcium and magnesium in her diet-dark leafy greens are the best source. If she wants to supplement I would probably suggest Skeletal Strength, also by Nature’s Sunshine. They use a base of herbs high in calcium and supportive nutrients, rather than an inert substance, and do not over-compress the tablets, which inhibits absorption. I would also keep essential oils massaged on her toes to keep the circulation going through the area, and behind the knee, stroking upward, to be sure the lymph flows freely. Best wishes.

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