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Q&A: Staying Healthy and Strong in Pregnancy

I’m in Austria and have just realized that I AM PREGNANT!! [Our friend] recommended some Brewer’s Yeast, which I found. Any other suggestions for staying healthy and strong would be great!

Red raspberry would be great, in capsules or as an extract. You can order from Nature’s Sunshine in Europe through the regular website, but you may need to transfer your membership temporarily to the EU division. The Red Raspberry Blend liquid in glycerin is really pleasant to taste – you can cover the bottom of a mug and fill it with hot water for a nice tea. It’s high in iron as well as trace minerals, and has hibiscus in it to give you the bioflavanoids you need to use vitamin C. They also have a great prenatal vitamin.
If you are having any nausea use some ginger, fresh or from the spice department would be ok. Stay high in folic acid with lots of dark leafy greens, which will also give you some extra calcium. You are also in prime fabulous milk, cream and cheese territory! Since you have tested for the Red Beet Root in the past, which is often used by people who have a tendency to have low blood sugar, be sure to get plenty of protein. Broth is easy to get down as a rule, and easy to assimilate. Europe’s standard for meat and dairy is so much higher than the US that you should be fine with whatever you can find locally. And as you know, you need to get as much rest as you can!


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