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  • Whatever form of natural health supplement you choose, be sure to educate yourself on all aspects of your health care. Let your diet and your attitude be the foundation for a life of wellness, not disease. When you don’t feel well, look for the root causes rather than seeking to simply substitute an herb or remedy for your medication. If you are taking medication for a serious condition, consult with someone well trained in herbs and alternatives before making a substitution and stopping your prescription. Your body will need time to reestablish it’s awareness that it is required to function!

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Q&A: Fibroids, Panic Attacks, and OCD

Hi Kim,
I am considering consulting with you on 2 issues. The first one is heavy (prolonged) periods with spotting due to small fibroid and the second one is panic attacks/emetophobia/OCD. I am currently taking 50mg of the SSRI Prestiq and .25 of Klonopin daily for anxiety/OCD. Are you able to work with me as I am currently on these meds? I cannot stop taking Prestiq or Klonopin as I have to wean off of the drugs and the last time I discontinued meds I had a severe meltdown.

Herbs are foods, and it is unlikely that anything you would need would cause a conflict. It would be important for you to bring them along so that we test them together with the supplements. Know that it is possible to eliminate the meds should you decide to do so at some future point when the other stresses you are experiencing are balanced out and your body is coping normally. I have seen it happen. That would be a decision you would make on your own; I just want to let you know there is always hope for change for the better. I have seen people have excellent results with flower essences and other approaches to OCD and similar issues. I have also seen (and experienced) resolution of fibroids in relatively short amounts of time.


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