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Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation

FINALLY the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a statement linking cell phones and cancer risk! Even India had banned the use of cell phones by kids under 16 while we were selling Disney princess covers.  So how can we protect ourselves from the harmful radiation we’re exposing ourselves to on a daily basis?

I have always encouraged my clients to use protective chips on their phones and other devices and I still use my cell as little as possible. I have seen chronic headaches resolve after doing it, and my most dramatic story was a man who had suffered severe hip pain for years. His doctors had told him he needed a hip replacement because of bone loss in the joint, but they could find no reason for it and the other hip was fine. He had worn a cell phone in the same pocket as the damaged hip for years. When I checked him his polarity was a mess, so I suggested a pendant to stabilize the current in his body and a chip on his phone. He started wearing both, and his pain virtually stopped overnight. A couple of months later his wife called wanting to replace both items; he had lost both the pendant and his phone. He had replaced the phone but not the chip, and within just a few days his pain was severe again. Makes sense, since one of the side effects of radiation treatments is bone loss. Another is sterility; think about that next time you’re texting in your lap…..we are experiencing epidemic levels of infertility in men and women.

Go to www.cellphone-health.com for more information about the GIA Cell Guard (formerly BIOPRO Cell Chip) and other products that can protect you from this harmful radiation.

Click here to search Amazon.com for cell phone radiation blockers.


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