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Surviving the Teen Years

A friend of mine was recently telling me about the troubles she was having with her teenage son.  I advised her to try Blessed Thistle, which helps with hormonal headaches and works as a general tonic for teenagers. They take it and you take it, and between the two, fewer children die…..

Her son was also having some trouble sleeping at night so I suggested she add some Balanced B Complex as well.  I also suggested something that has worked often worked well for me with my children:  I would frequently spend time with him at the end of the day, listening to him talk about his feelings and rubbing his feet with lavender oil.  Don’t talk about anything in particular; start sentences that he has to finish, like “today I felt really __________”.  When he fills in the blank, prompt him again with “I felt that way when ___________”, etc.  No coaching, and the only rule is “good” or “bad” aren’t an adequate answer – has to be an actual describing word.

I leave you with this quote from an unknown author…

It’s difficult to decide whether growing pains are something teenagers have – or are.  


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