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Radiation Fixes

Since the disastrous earthquakes and tsunami in Japan, like every other health practitioner I have been getting lots of calls about radiation issues and what to have on hand.

What I have always had stashed in my closet are 4 things: kelp, dulse, algin, and Yarrow Special Formula flower essence blend. The first two are good sources of organic, elemental iodine to support the thyroid gland. Radioactive iodine is used to kill the thyroid (in theory to “reduce” an overactive or “hyper” thyroid, but dosage is so different from person to person that one dose of the usual three will sometimes stop it altogether) because iodine is stored there. The seaweeds keep the thyroid working and help to chelate out the radioactive elements. Super Algae is another good item to add to the mix.

Algin will remove radiation from the body, but should only be taken for a maximum of two weeks at a time, with at least a two week rest in between, as it will begin to bind nutrients in the intestinal tract as well. I would use it only if I were sure of unsafe exposure. Hydrated Bentonite and other clays are somewhat less effective for radiation specifically, but do help in general detoxifying, especially in baths.

The Yarrow Special Formula helps with balancing the energetic impact of radiation and other (environmentally) traumatic events. It was originally formulated specifically to help protect against radiation and can be used in water as a room spray in addition to being taken internally.

Remember that the more raw fruits and vegetables you eat, the higher your overall level of trace minerals, including iodine and iodide. The higher your mineral levels, the less likely the body is to “grab” and store radioactive iodine, which it will jump on if you are as deficient as most Americans are. Miso and other fermented foods also seem to improve the body’s resistance to exposure, and are a great idea anyway.

It is really important to know and trust your sources on sea vegetables because many are grown in contaminated water; since Japan has generally been the primary source this will be especially important in months to come in view of the amount of radioactive water that has been released into the ocean. To my knowledge, Nature’s Sunshine is the only company to test every product for radiation. They were the only company to stop selling Golden Seal after Chernobyl, when the cloud blew west over the main production areas in Northern Europe. With over 600 tests at their disposal to guarantee quality, their raw materials and finished products undergo more testing than other companies!


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